The Raw Material

E.A.S. Naxos receives the raw material, namely cow, sheep and goat milk, from cows, sheep and goats bred exclusively on Naxos’s rich pastures.

To add to that, these animals’ basic nutrition is the characteristically Mediterranean vegetation of the Naxian pastures. This plays a vital role on the quality of the milk. The vegetation, “born” on the traditionally fertile land of Naxos, “steeped” by the saltiness of the sea, “hit” by the hot Greek sun and the Cyclades breezes, gives distinctiveness to the milk; a distinctiveness, which is highlighted on its whole through the high quality of Naxos’s dairy products.

E.A.S. Naxos’s Milk Processing Plant operates milk gathering stations on critical spots on Naxos (e.g. Agia Anna, Baouzi, Sangri, Filoti, Tripodes). These stations are equipped with an active cooling system (coolers), where the milk is gathered right after milking (always following all the hygiene and quality control rules). In addition to that, our Milk Processing Plant provides all the important milk producers with coolers, in order to secure the quality of their raw material.

Our transportation tanks (which are isothermal, especially for milk transportation) gather the milk twice per day and transport it fresh to our Milk Processing Plant.

Cheese making takes place within maximum 8 hours after the reception of the milk, thus ensuring its quality and the production of safe products. The temperature does not go beyond 4 degrees Celsius and thus the cooling chain is preserved. Moreover, the controlled storage of the milk ensures its good quality and sustainability.