Xinotyro is directly related to sour mizithra (xinomizithra). To be exact, xinotyro is just another form of sour mizithra!

This is how xinotyro is produced: the soft and creamy sour mizithra is left to dry under the correct conditions for approximately 10 days until it emits its humidity and hardens. The result of this procedure is xinotyro.

E.A.S. Naxos’s xinotyro is as tasty as sour mizithra (and gets tastier as it matures). It can be used as a table cheese or for rubbing.

Xinotyro is available in E.A.S. Naxos’ garden grocery as well as in restaurants and hotels of Naxos.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that E.A.S. Naxos’s xinotyro is an absolutely safe product, because the sour mizithra from which it is produced is made from pasteurized milk.