Milk Processing Plant

In the late 1950s Naxos saw a significant increase in the production of cheese products by lowland producers. In 1961 the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Naxos created the first cheese plant, thus upgrading the quantity and the quality of the production of cheese products of the island, while in 1983, after investing a very large amount of money, it operated a new, modern Milk Processing Plant.

Today, through a process of continuous development and modernization (but always following the same traditional ways and values), the milk processing plant of E.A.S. Naxos plays a leading role in domestic cheese production and its products have gained consumers’ appreciation.

The aim of our milk processing plant is the dynamic development of products in both the Greek and international market, the continuous improvement of the services provided, as well as the expansion of the product range (always through qualitative efforts and respect for tradition and the consumer).

The main activities of E.A.S. Naxos Milk Processing Plant are the following:

  • Milk reception (by Naxos stock-breeders only) and processing
  • Production of cheese and dairy products
  • Disposal of milk products and raw milk
  • Storage
  • Quality control of raw material and products
  • Technical Support for the Plant

The production facilities of the Milk Processing Plant are owned by E.A.S. Naxos and are located at Agia Irini (Glinado Municipal District), just four kilometers from Naxos Town; they also occupy an area of 3,371.40 m2.

This site includes:

  • The production, storage and offices building, as well as the chemistry
  • The milk reception and storage sites building

E.A.S. Naxos’s Milk Processing Plant is certified by ISO 22000:2005, ΙSO 9001:2008, HALAL and AGROCERT. It follows all the Hygiene and Food Safety rules. Also, it has, on one hand, all the necessary and contemporary equipment (such as temperature recording pasteurization unit, two 6,000-liter tyreliers, stainless presses, milk, cream and brine pasteurizers, centrifugal milk cleaner, six self-cooling raw milk tanks, automatic production line cleaning system) and, on the other hand, a modern and fully equipped Chemistry Lab, which ensures the safety and quality of both the raw material and the final products.

Moreover, in the area of Agia Anna there are two (2) final product maintenance chambers, which are checked every day for their temperature and hygiene rules appliance.

In addition, our Milk Processing Plant is also entrusted with the task of providing producers with information on food hygiene and safety.

At this very moment, E.A.S. Naxos’s Milk Processing Plant employs 42 persons in various sectors of the production process, including well-trained scientists such as cheese makers who are graduates of the respective faculty, drivers, agronomists, chemists, etc. All of them have sufficient knowledge and considerable experience, but, most importantly, they have the appropriate responsibility and dedication to participate in the production of E.A.S. Naxos’s products.

E.A.S. Naxos Milk Processing Plant’s contact details:

Address: Agia Eirini location, Glinado, Naxos
Postal code: 84300
Opening hours: Weekdays-Saturdays 8:30-14:30
Telephone: (+30) 22850-41096