Naxos Gidino

One of the ways in which E.A.S. Naxos makes good use of the fresh goat milk it receives is the making of its Naxos Gidino (goat) cheese!

This hard and yellowy cheese is produced from 100% goat milk from Naxos; it is also worth mentioning that it is one of the few Greek goat cheeses that is not white but yellow and hard.

Moreover, its characteristic taste makes it ideal for rubbing and as a table cheese for people who do not consume other cheeses (made from cow and sheep milk).

You should know:

  • E.A.S. Naxos distributes its Naxos Gidino cheese in 3-kilos wheels only
  • Fat in dry matter min. 40% by weight
  • Moisture max 38% by weight