Production Process of Naxos Gruyere P.O.P. (Protected Designation of Origin)

  1. After the collection of the raw material (milk) into the coolers and its transportation to EAS Naxos cheese dairy with milk tanks (insulated-especially for transport of milk) to EAS Naxos cheese dairy, the milk passes thorough checks by the chemists of the Union before entering the premises of the dairy.
  2. After testing, the milk is carried forward to storage and maintenance tanks.
  3. The next step is cleaning the milk by using machines of centrifugal force and its forwarding to pasteurization.
  4. After pasteurization the raw material goes to the pre manufacturer where the curd is created.
  5. The curd is then placed into molds to take shape.
  6. After that, the first change in the cheese bank occurs, and the molds are transferred to the press to extract moisture from the cheese mass.
  7. The next step is the formatting of the cheese and its baptism for 5 days in the brine.
  8. Then the cheese is transferred to a place to grow ripe and remains there for 72 days during which successive spins occur.
  9. After the completion of the maturity, the gruyere heads are transferred to the washer where they are washed naturally using drinking water.
  10. Followed by drying the cheese for 24 hours.
  11. It then goes to packaging and from there on the market.