Raw Material


The raw material, cow, sheep, and goat milk, is taken exclusively by breeders from Naxos, the island nature which contributes greatly to the quality of the raw material.

The cheese dairy cooperates with about 500 farmers, receiving the following amounts of milk annualy:

  • Cow milk: 11.000 tons
  • Sheep milk : 225 tons
  • Goat milk : 960 tons
  • The unit has milk connection stations in key locations of the island (Egares, St. Anna, Sagri, Baouzi, Vivlos) all equipped with active cooling system (coolers) in which the milk is collected, while the rules of good hygiene and quality control are observed immediately after milking. The collection of the milk is done twice a day and is transported to the cheese unit fresh. The cheese-making is done within 8 hours (max) of the receipt of the milk to ensure its quality and the production of safe products. The temperature does not exceed 4oC, therefore maintain the cold chain.
    Controlled storage ensures the good quality and the sustainability of the raw material.