Cheese dairy



In the late '50s, there is a significant increase in Naxos in the production of dairy products from farmers in lowland areas. In 1961 the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Naxos creates the first Cheese dairy, upgrading the quality and quantity production of dairy products of the island. In 1985 a new, modern cheese plant is put into operation.

Today, 22 years later, through a continuous process of development and modernization, but always maintaining the same traditional values, our Cheese dairy holds a leading role in the domestic production of hard cheeses and products have gained an important place in the hearts of the consumers.

Our goal is the dynamic evolution of products in the Greek and international market, the continuous improvement of services as well as the expansion of our product range, with quality and respect for tradition, thus conquering your love and trust.


The main objects of the cheese dairy are:

  • Receiving and processing milk
  • Production of cheese products, and other milk products
  • Distribution of dairy products and raw milk
  • Storage
  • Quality control of products
  • Unit technical support





The proprietary production unit facilities are located in St. Irene at the Glynadou Municipal District, just four kilometers from the town of Naxos, occupying an area of ​​3.371,40 m2. This space includes:



  • The production building, the storage building, the offices, and the ancillary facilities housing all production functions.
  • The building where they receive the milk and the warehouse.

The dairy has all the necessary and modern equipment like pasteurization complex with recording temperature, two cheese boilers 6,000 liter capacity each and one 3,000 liter stainless steel presses, cream and brine pasteurizers, cheese making, centrifugal milk cleaner, three self-cooling tanks of fresh milk, stainless steel maturity chambers, automatic cleaning of the production line etc. In addition there is an appropriate laboratory equipment to ensure the quality and safety of the final product. In the area of St. Anna there are also 2 storage rooms of finished products which are checked daily for temperature and the rules of good hygiene.

The cheese dairy of EAS Naxos employs 35 employees in different sectors of the production process, including a trained scientific personnel as cheese makers (graduates of the respective faculty), agronomists, chemists, etc. Recently, the staff unit attended the 20 hour seminar of EFET “Basics of hygiene and food safety”, in our continuous effort to educate and train our staff. Every single one of them has sufficient knowledge, education, and important experience, but mostly they have the proper accountability and the desire to participate in the production of our products.